26 - 30 September

Located on the banks of the Maiwar, the Congress makes its way back to Brisbane.

Occupy is a platform for dialogue on what it means to be an architect today Meanjin/Brisbane is the rich field where platforms are placed.

Our emphasis is to look through a lens of 'context' and the inherent dilemma this has in achieving good architecture.

What is the Congress?


To congress over what it means to be an architect today, and to compile a list of resources/ tools to do better* with tomorrow.
We are interested in agonism (positive outcomes through tough conversations), Honesty and understanding how we can be doing be more* and sometimes less.

Better for the end user
Better for the 98%
Better for Context
Better for Climate

When we think about cities, we are always thinking about something else.”
    - Henri Lefebvre

Brisbane -  Kurilpa Peninsula
Main Location: Vacant Assembly
266 Montague Rd, West End QLD 4101

5 days (2 parties)
26-30 September

Why Brisbane?

Brisbane offers a diverse context; it features many climatic and ecological concerns shared by many post-industrial societies.

Brisbane is a banal city with large ambitions to be a new world centre.
With the realisation of the 2032 Olympics, we must discuss what happens next.

Occupy is the gathering of tools + precedents to do more (and sometimes less)  with tomorrow